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Christmas For Kids delivers seasonal silliness completely for free at children’s hospices across the UK.

Our audiences are unique in their range of disabilities and needs – from life-limiting illnesses to profound multiple learning difficulties. Since they are unable to attend the theatre at this magical time of year, we bring the theatre to them, and to their families and carers.

Whether the audience is two children and their carers, or a Christmas party for 200, we adapt our performance to suit.

Since 2009, we have performed for more than 7,000 children. We recently introduced a digital version of our 2020 show to ensure the pandemic doesn't spoil the fun.

OUR NEW SHOW for 2021!!!

Following the success of our first digital show in 2020, Christmas for Kids proudly presents another digital offering for 2021! Our fun and friendly puppets come together again to introduce their new friend, Phoebe, to all things festive in ‘Phoebe’s First Christmas’. 

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Combining music, puppetry, colourful visuals and sensory play, each Christmas gift the puppets open throughout the show reveals an element of Christmas celebration, which transports the audience into a world of play, fantasy and sensory exploration. The interactive elements of the show are guided by a Resource E-Pack and accompanying ‘how to’ videos. 


'Phoebe's First Christmas' will be offered entirely for free to children’s hospice services, SEND schools and community groups UK-wide throughout December and January. This show also features Makaton and will be available in captioned and BSL formats. 


"It made such a difference to the children and their families, and also, to the staff – we all loved it – it’s just what we needed." - Staff Carer, Children's Hospice, of our 2020 digital show.

Our 2020 Digital Show - In response to Covid-19 

In 2020 we had initially planned to produce our largest live tour to date: visiting every children's hospice in the whole of the UK, and branching out to venues in Northern Ireland for the first time. In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, we decided to delay this expansion until 2022. But we would not be beaten, and we still wanted to get to all the children's hospices in the UK, so we created a digital show: 'Benson's Christmas Letter'!

We delivered this show to every children's hospice across the UK and to several community groups, who in turn shared it with families who were shielding. We also distributed the show to over 90 SEND schools in the UK's most disadvantaged areas. We estimate the show was watched by over 2,000 audience members.

Follow our cast & creative teams' journeys via their Blog.

The trailer for 'Benson's Christmas Letter' featuring Elizabeth Robin, Brendan MacGeean and Sue Appleby and our loveable puppets





About our 2019 in-person tour:

“The show was just the highlight of our calendar! ‘Harry’s Christmas Spirit’ was a wonderful story with a lovely easy and important content and done in such a fun, sensory and inclusive way... The acting and singing were amazing and everybody joined in. It was such a happy and uplifting place to be and Christmas for Kids will continue to be the highlight of the year for our children, families and staff!“ 

- Senior Carer, Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice, of our 2019 show

"This is why we love Christmas for Kids. The show and content is so suitable for ALL our children... and adults. It really caters for so many special needs but doesn’t patronise and even sneaks in stuff that the parents and staff love!!!” - Senior Carer, Alexander Devine Children's Hospice

"One of the things that we are very conscious of is the risk of cross infection when props are used; I was so impressed and relieved with the cleaning regime that the cast implemented, thank you.” - Care Staff, Rainbows Hospice

About our 2020 digital show:

"Today the whole class got to experience the entire show with all the props that we had gathered and it made it a much more engaging experience for them! Rather than being positioned at the back of a hall out of the way due to their chairs and having everyone sitting in front of them!" - Class of complex medical PMLD KS1 in SEND School

"This year a couple of the panto companies sent us links to their live shows but it just wasn’t nearly as good as the C4K panto. They are just for the general public and not designed for our children, the children get bored. The C4K show was brilliant - it lifted all of our moods. We all laughed and laughed."Staff Carer, Hospice

"One child isn’t a screen watcher, but she still liked the show because there are music and interactive bits. Then she would be brought in and be very interactive in those bits. The fact there are so many songs throughout it, and they’re all so interactive meant that she was hooked." - Play Specialist, Hospice

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"Every year we are blown away when we receive this opportunity, as we all look forward to this event. The performers are just amazing with how they deliver the show, and all the extra props that are provided to enable the children to be involved with the performance. It makes a huge difference to the children and families that they are able to come to a familiar environment to have a one on one show, and this has been expressed by parents. So, a HUGE thank you to you for doing what you do for us at Shooting Star Children’s Hospices, and keep doing the great work you do.” 

- Senior Care Leader, Shooting Star Christopher's