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Christmas For Kids delivers seasonal silliness for children’s hospices and SEND schools across the UK.

Our audiences are unique in their range of disabilities and needs – from life-limiting illness to profound multiple learning difficulties. Since they are unable to attend the theatre at this special time of year, we bring the theatre to them, and to their families, teachers and carers.

Whether the audience is two children and their carers, or a Christmas party for 200, we adapt our performance to suit. Our digital show is always delivered entirely for free, and our in-person shows are heavily subsidised to ensure that every child can enjoy the magic of theatre at Christmas time.

Since 2009, we have performed for more than 10,000 children, and recently adopted an additional digital delivery to increase our outreach and provide more flexible viewing.

This project relies heavily on grants and donations to provide our shows for fee or at heavily reduced rates. Please support us if you can.

NEW for 2022 - Digital and In-person shows!

Following the success of our digital shows in 2020 and 2021, Christmas for Kids is now offering both digital and in-person shows for 2022! We have missed bringing our special blend of interaction, fun and silliness directly into children's hospices and SEND schools, so our actors and puppets will be hitting the road across London and the South East to reach as many venues as we can with a brand new show throughout December 2022. For those that we can't visit in person this year, we will offer a new version of our original show 'Benson's Christmas Letter'. This will take the form of a digital show, and will feature accompanying resources to help carers, teachers and parents to facilitate the show's many interactive elements.


Here's a trailer to whet your appetite!

The trailer for 'Benson's Christmas Letter' featuring Elizabeth Robin, Brendan MacGeean and Sue Appleby and our loveable puppets

Combining music, puppetry, colourful visuals and sensory play, the show follows Benson as he tries to deliver his Christmas list to Santa, meeting fun and interesting characters along the way. The interactive elements of the show are guided by a Resource E-Pack and accompanying ‘how to’ videos to aid with facilitation and provide craft and play ideas.


'Benson's Christmas Letter' will be offered entirely for free to children’s hospice services, SEND schools, community groups and families UK-wide throughout December and January. The show will feature Key-Word Signing and will be available in captioned and BSL formats. 


"It made such a difference to the children and their families, and also, to the staff – we all loved it – it’s just what we needed." - Staff Carer, Children's Hospice, of our 2020 digital show.

"We watched this show several times, we sang and laughed and joined in with the sensory activities, it created a great atmosphere." - Teacher, SEND school, Scotland, of our 2021 digital show.





About our 2019 in-person tour of 'Harry's Christmas Spirit':

“The show was just the highlight of our calendar! ‘Harry’s Christmas Spirit’ was a wonderful story with a lovely easy and important content and done in such a fun, sensory and inclusive way... The acting and singing were amazing and everybody joined in. It was such a happy and uplifting place to be and Christmas for Kids will continue to be the highlight of the year for our children, families and staff!“ 

- Senior Carer, Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice, of our 2019 show

"This is why we love Christmas for Kids. The show and content is so suitable for ALL our children... and adults. It really caters for so many special needs but doesn’t patronise and even sneaks in stuff that the parents and staff love!!!” - Senior Carer, Alexander Devine Children's Hospice

"One of the things that we are very conscious of is the risk of cross infection when props are used; I was so impressed and relieved with the cleaning regime that the cast implemented, thank you.” - Care Staff, Rainbows Hospice

About our 2021 digital show, 'Phoebe's First Christmas':

"We got to watch a Christmas show, just like the rest of our mainstream school, even though we couldn't go to the theatre with them. It allowed for fair and equal access to a show" Teaching Assistant, Mainstream School with SEND provision, North West

"I work in a children's hospice and to have such a joyful festive offering that engages so many children with a wide range of developmental and sensory issues is amazing" Hospice Play Worker, South East England

"We are hugely grateful to have the option of tuning into the online show. Even before Covid, our daughter spent long periods of time at hoe isolating and for children like her the world will never be normal, their normal means long periods of time at home with nothing to engage with. These online sessions have been life-changing and we are so keen for them to continue long-term for the families who always needed them"​ Parent, East Anglia

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"Every year we are blown away when we receive this opportunity, as we all look forward to this event. The performers are just amazing with how they deliver the show, and all the extra props that are provided to enable the children to be involved with the performance. It makes a huge difference to the children and families that they are able to come to a familiar environment to have a one on one show, and this has been expressed by parents. So, a HUGE thank you to you for doing what you do for us at Shooting Star Children’s Hospices, and keep doing the great work you do.” 

- Senior Care Leader, Shooting Star Christopher's