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Workshops for Children with Special Educational Needs

We all learn in different ways! Our workshops help those who are visual and physical learners to explore subjects through performance and interaction. 

We use our unique brand of puppetry, storytelling, improvisation, music and sensory elements to bring the chosen subject to life. Our workshops are inclusive and open to all, but with a particular bias toward SEND schools and mainstream schools with SEN provision. The sessions are adaptable to different ages ranging from KS1-KS4, and we deliver content suitable for varying abilities, be it mainstream schools with SEN provision or SEND schools.

Our workshops last 45 minutes and are underpinned with expert insights, delivered by professional actor-facilitators.


Whatever the subject matter, we aim to make every session interactive, engaging and fun!

Embracing Arts Workshops are

- Accessible for all children, and embracing of their health or educational needs

- Suitable for all ages

- Designed by actor-facilitators with over 20 years' experience of delivering schools' workshops

- Created with care by professionals who understand and have experience of working with children with special educational needs

- Multi-sensory and interactive

- Inspired by a passion for delivering educational content through theatrical experiences which are accessible for all


The team that develops and delivers Embracing Arts' workshops has over 20 years of experience of working with children of all ages and abilities in a theatrical context. Our Workshops team, led by experienced actor-facilitator Claire Sundin and SEND advisor Fiona Phillips, brings a range of skills encompassing the theatrical, musical and educational. The whole team understands the importance of communication, interaction and engagement for every child, taking into account the specific needs of each class and individual. 

We take an organic approach to our delivery, guided by the participants and their responses. We aim to engage and improve communication and self-expression through sensory exploration and we incorporate puppetry, music, singing, sensory activities and storytelling to bring each subject to life.

Thank you so much for providing such a fantastic experience for the class. So much thought, organisation and detail was put into each session, with child specific aspects added too! We have been lucky enough to have you for a second time and we would absolutely love to have you more”.

- Teacher, St Nicholas School, Canterbury

Workshop Themes

We take your class on a sensory adventure, whether it be through the Jungle to Outer Space or from Africa to a Winter Wonderland! 

Other sample workshop themes:

  • Seaside

  • Kings & Queens

  • Seasons

  • Travel

  • Superheroes​​

Personal, Social, Health & Economic Workshops

Embracing Arts is passionate about making PSHE content more inclusive for pupils with complex educational needs. We currently offer the following workshops:

  • Online safety

  • Communication and team work

  • Building self-esteem

Bespoke Workshops

Is there a specific topic you would like us to make more accessible to your students, or a favourite book we can bring to life? 


We offer a bespoke workshop service to cater for specific subjects and texts as required.

“The pace and content of the workshop was perfect to engage all the students, even those with the most complex needs. It was a perfect balance of music, tactile resources to explore and simple storytelling, and adequate time was given for every child to process what they were experiencing and to communicate how they felt about it”.

- Teacher KS1, St Nicholas School

Embracing Arts Workshops

Delivered In Person by 1 facilitator

Duration: approx. 45 minutes

One-off session: £135
Consecutive sessions: £125 each (booked as a block)

Extra £30 per session for an additional facilitator (recommended for class sizes over 10)

If your booking requires planning for bespoke sessions, there may be an extra charge:

£30 per single workshop booking

Block booking charges vary, depending on number of different workshops included.

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"The workshops are beneficial as it is a chance for the children in my class to work with new people who are experienced at engaging them, which develops their social and communication skills. If this was provided on a regular basis the quality of the content of these workshops would develop the children’s interaction skills, their understanding of the world around them, and their ability to communicate their preferences and dislikes which is essential for their wellbeing and self-esteem”.

- Teacher KS3, St Nicholas School