Our mission at Embracing Arts is to improve the quality of life for children with complex care or educational needs and life limiting conditions by providing high quality interactive Christmas shows, Inclusive Parties and Schools Workshops across the UK

Our Workshops


This year has seen the official launch of Embracing Arts Workshops, and they are a real hit! Based around a chosen theme, and featuring intensive interaction, sensory play, singing, music and lots of participation, they are perfect for SEN schools, play groups, community groups and anywhere where children come together to create, learn and explore... 


Here's what people have been saying about them:

“As the MM members left today, they were singing Claire's praises. I don't remember getting such positive feedback before. Today was the first day the members lingered as they were all saying Happy Christmas having had such a good term."

- Community & Education Manager, Discover Children's Story Centre (Mighty Mega workshops for children aged 5-11).

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for yesterday's session. Our heads have passed on such incredible feedback, they really felt that the children were engaged and thriving and have asked us to book you back in as soon as possible!!"

- Programme Administrator, The KEF Centre

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Our work is...


Everyone is welcome! Our shows, parties and workshops are made for children with special educational needs and/or life limiting conditions, but they appeal to everyone. Our shows are designed for children who are often excluded from experiencing and enjoying the arts due to barriers they face through disability.



We aim to stimulate the senses using lights, textures, props and puppetry to create intriguing and captivating experiences for every child.


Our shows use music and song to go beyond language. We incorporate musical participation, harmony singing, underscore and original songs to create a full musical experience.



We perform with our audience, not to them. Our shows, parties and workshops are designed to be engaging, participatory and fun.


Every performance we deliver is tailored to be just right for that audience. We happily adapt to different spaces, different interests, and different needs.



We have a wonderful team of professional actors with lots of experience of performing and running workshops for children with different needs. 

Our Impact

Our projects are designed for children who are often excluded from the arts due to the barriers they face through disability. We work with children with Profound Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD), complex care and educational needs and those with life-limiting illness. We make the content of our shows, parties and workshops all-inclusive - involving siblings, carers, parents and teachers just as much as the children themselves to provide a shared experience that everyone can enjoy.

Our Outcomes:

  • To enable children with complex needs and people in their wider support network – parents, siblings, carers, and staff - to experience escapism and joy at Christmas   

  • To enable children to feel included through fully interactive Christmas shows that reflect and celebrate being different 

  • To provide children with a unique theatrical experience provided by top class performers who adapt to each individual

  • To improve the emotional wellbeing of parents, siblings, carers and staff

  • To provide skills development and community engagement opportunities for actors – with a focus on those early on in their careers and actors with visible/invisible disabilities


“We had one teenager that struggles with his expressions and in fact this was a first time in a very long time we saw him smile and give active eye contact, which was amazing to catch on camera and I was able to show mum this.”

- Carer, Haven House Children’s Hospice