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Touring with Team Harry!

Hoorah!!! The show is well and truly in full swing for Team Harry!

Week One was a quiet start to our tour with two very different shows – the first of which was at Eleanor Lyons Hospice with the lovely organiser Tina greeting us with tea and coffee. It turned out to be a great start with a full and lively crowd. Our second show was quite different: in a hospital this time instead of a hospice, at the Univeristy College of London’s Children’s Ward, favouring a more intimate Christmas adventure with Benson and his pals.

Week Two was quite the reverse to our slower start however, comprising seven shows to various hospices and a school, an adventure to “THE NORTH” and the challenge of snow!

Driving in a Winter Wonderland!

We started out the week with a trip to our good friends at Cricket Green School, where teachers and students all came along in their Christmas jumpers to have a festive ol’ time in the canteen – Stacey certainly made use of those school benches.

Saturday brought an adventure to Guildford to see Shooting Star Chase Christopher’s newly renovated building. We were so impressed with their Garden Room that we brought some cameras to film our experience together! We sure hope Benson’s friends enjoyed their trip to Santa afterwards and made sure to get their letter to him in person just like Benson did (well... almost).

Sunday was the start of the blizzard of 2017 in London unfortunately and sadly our friends at Noah’s Ark Hospice had to cancel their Christmas party due to being snowed in – not to worry though - we looked forward to visiting them on the 21st for our rescheduled adventure with Benson! With the show being cancelled it did give our good old team the chance to put pedal to the metal (in the safest way possible in 5 inch snow that is!) and a “4 hour journey” soon turned into an 8 hour trek. Thankfully, Team Harry made it to Middlesbrough in one piece though!

Monday and Tuesday saw us visiting Zoe’s Place, Butterwick House Children’s Hospice and St. Oswald’s Hospice and Santa seemed to follow us round! He even had a few presents to give us some energy for our return adventure home! We had such a great time with our friend’s “Up North” and hope they had a brilliant Christmas!! Stacey was certainly chuffed with herself on the drive home, having gotten approval of her Geordie accent in every hospice! Now our director Claire (a native Geordie) would certainly be proud!

The end of Week 2 (14th December) was certainly an important and exciting day for Christmas For Kids! Not only did Team Harry get to perform at a soft play centre, but Christmas For Kids even got a new member with the arrival of C4K Co-founder Claire's little baby boy, Charlie!!! I’m sure Charlie would have enjoyed Benson’s adventure with Team Harry just as much as our friends at Alexander Devine Hospice that day.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Everyone,

Matthew x

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