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On the Road with Team Benson!

With rehearsals over and the Creative Team’s approval, Team Benson were ready to head out on tour - full of excitement and Christmas joy! Our first stop was Demelza Hospice, where we performed at the lovely ‘Apple Yard’ for a special Christmas event the hospice had arranged. We performed for current families and new families to the hospice too, so we hope we gave everyone a festive environment in which to meet!

The majority of our first week of touring was spent inside SEN schools, so as you can well imagine we had some very energetic performances!! The first of which was at Blossom House School – now these kids knew how to have a snowball fight!!! They could hardly hold in their excitement at the opportunity to get one of the mischievous Yule Lads straight in the face, with an ice-cold ball of fluff… we even gained some backstage staff - eeeekk! All in all, it was lovely show for us although quite hot and sweaty after all that running around – it was lovely seeing the children so engaged and happily expressing themselves.

Sadly, before the show Tina the Tinsel Spider did need a little bit of attention… *GASPS!*

Our second show was at the historic Chailey Heritage Foundation SEN school. I had been there twice last year and even on the third visit it was astounding to see the range of work they do. Laura and Bethaney were equally in awe of the facilities, staff and most importantly the young adults whom we performed to. We thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas adventure with everyone at the school and that faculty sure do know how to move!

Our final venue for the week was at Cricket Green SEN School, where we performed to one of the largest audiences Christmas for Kids has ever had. About a hundred young children, children, young adults, adults, teachers and faculty members all gathered in the main hall for a festive adventure. They took great joy in seeing the snowman’s attempt at showing off his finest moves, they loved joining in the snowball fight (which on a whole school scale was quite competitive!) and gave us their best vocals. We were quite sweaty afterwards again as a result!!

Thank you so much to the venues for having us on our first week and thanks again to Christmas for Kids for allowing us to tour this fab show to such amazing venues!

Happy holidays!!

Matthew x

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