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Hospital Shows are GO!

The last few weeks have been really exciting, hearing about everyone going off and performing their first shows of 'Benson's Birthday Adventure!' It's been so lovely seeing how everyone's been getting on, and a good month or so after we finished our rehearsal days, I couldn't wait to perform in my first event day for Rays of Sunshine!

Our show was in Evelina Childrens Hospital, in Westminister. From the second we walked in, we could tell the wonderful work that went on inside this building as we were greeted with an explosion of colour and themes. We headed up to the atrium and met with the Rays of Sunshine team; it was so great to see first hand all of the valuable work they do.

We were able to meet lots of the children whilst also witnessing all of these lovely activities that Rays of Sunshine provide, from face-painting to build-a-bears. Benson and Maurice said a brief 'hello', and from that moment we could tell how enthusiastic many of this group were going to be, and we couldn't wait!

Our audience may have been small, but was it mighty! What an energy-filled first show it was! We saw lots of enthusiastic dance moves, guitar playing and interaction from a lovely group of children, parents, carers and hosptial staff- especially when we formed our very own band at the end... Everyone joined in!

We had such a wonderful time at Evelina Children's Hospital, I left with a warm feeling in my heart and already can't wait to do it again.

Laura xxx

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