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C4K do the ASICS London 10K

This year we decided to try our hand at another running event to raise extra funds for our 2019 tour. With some of us at C4K HQ being post-partum and others having run at our last event we decided to see if we could gather a new set of willing(?) volunteers. We found a wonderful group of runners after putting the feelers out on our social media networks. Most of them had worked with us in the past, touring our previous shows at Christmas time, and knew how vital and inspiring our work can be. They all wanted to give a little back to help fund our future tours.

All ready for the Off! Glittered up to the nines.

Our runners started their training, sharing the ups and downs on our group chats and posting pics on social media along with their fundraising pages. Then things started to get very real when runners packs began coming through the mailbox. As the excitement mounted it was decided amongst the runners that they would wear glitter on their faces to give the proceedings a touch of theatricality, in a way that only a bunch of actors out of their comfort zones know how.

On the morning of the event we all made our way to central London. The runners made a beeline for their starting pens, not before all coming together for some excellent group photos as social media fodder. Thanks guys! Those of us not running headed to Westminster and pitched up underneath Big Ben to watch the runners come past and cheer them on for the final few kilometres. We made ourselves as visible as possible with C4K hoodies, our large banner and some special guests in tow. Puppets Benson, Harry and Rockin Robin cheered many runners as they went past but saved their energies for our bunch as they whooped, waved and split leapt (stagey!) past us over Westminster bridge.

Once our last runner had passed we made tracks for the finish line and met them all outside the nearest theatre. Of course! There wasn’t much glitter left but in it’s place was a feeling of euphoria and delight at what they had all achieved and the money they had raised. £1576!!!! The gang all headed to the nearest pub and we raised a glass to the immense effort from our runners and the hard work, both physical and fundraising, they had all done towards another great year in the life of Christmas for Kids.

Thank you so much to our amazing team of runners and all the people that supported them and us. Even on this hot July morning you were helping us spread a little extra Christmas joy this year.

Medal moments. Not so much glitter this time.

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