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The 2019 Tour Prepares...

You know the festive season has officially begun when Christmas for Kids rehearsals are under way! This year’s first week (and a bit) was a very productive one: seeing us learning the whole score for the show in a day, an amazing puppetry workshop with actor/puppeteer Chris Thatcher, meeting Simon Rowe and seeing this year’s set, setting the choreography for the show (this year including British Sign Language within the dancing), Ukulele learning and playing for the opening number and finally blocking the show itself!

Our puppets come alive in our workshop with actor/puppeteer Chris Thatcher

So, it’s fair to say that come the weekend we were quite in need of a beverage!! Handily, it was Claire Sundin’s (our director's) 40th Birthday, so we made sure to celebrate it in style before finishing off rehearsals for the weekend with a cake and cheeky bit of Prosecco! Happy Birthday Claire!!!

Happy Birthday Claire!

A surprise addition to the rehearsal week came in the form of a trip to the recording studio, in which we recorded an upcoming creation for Mischief Theatre. It was a fun break from the rehearsal room, and we even brought the puppets along for the adventure (let’s just say they had no problem in stealing the spotlight!)

Harry loving his time at the mic!

We finished our first week (and a bit) of rehearsals with a rough run through of the show – to our surprise we made it through (phew!) and somehow all the information and detail we had been learning had stuck. It's starting to feel like we’ve got quite a magical show on our hands!

I can’t wait to start touring this beautiful show with my lovely team, and to hear all the wonderful stories of the tour from the other teams – have a great Christmas all!

Matthew x

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