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C4K GOES DIGITAL FOR OUR 2020 TOUR! - By Claire Sundin (Artistic Co-Director)

Anyone who knows me knows I am NOT tech savvy!!!! Well, that’s all HAD to change!!! A typical day at C4K HQ now includes lots of Zoom meetings, various devices open at the same time, lots of pens in my hair and LOTS OF CHANGE!!!!

The effect of the coronavirus pandemic is so far reaching I cannot put it into words. It has affected everyone socially, mentally, physically and economically. In terms of Christmas for Kids and our work, it has very much changed the entire medium of work that we deliver. We produce sensory theatre, our work is all about interaction, touch and adapting to our audiences' individual needs.

How can we bring our work to those who need it most when we can’t physically visit them?


Plans are afoot. Many, many meetings have been had, many, many budgets have been redrafted and many, many artistic developments are happening in our team. There’s still a lot to do but we are so pleased to announce a digital tour for 2020.

We are making a digital show – 'Benson’s Christmas Letter'

We will make it as interactive as we possibly can, so those who need our work most will have access to it. We will have all the usual suspects; our puppets are VERY excited about the BAFTA potential, our actors are learning new skills in preparation, we are using Green Screen technology, graphics and a fantastic production team who will bring our writer’s words off the page and into hospice venues and beyond. There will be plenty of music, singing and storytelling. It is paramount that we keep our audience interaction, so an E-Resource pack is in development to provide play leaders and care givers the ability to facilitate the film and include all the sensory elements you would expect from C4K.

If nothing else, from this experience we have learnt how to be resilient, how to adapt, how to expand our outreach and how to remain silly and smile in times of adversity.

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